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Facelift surgery gone wrong


Lisa Clark won £18,000 in compensation after our client underwent cosmetic surgery that left her with a receding hairline, droopy eyelids and an uneven facial appearance.


Our Client approached a cosmetic surgeon after becoming concerned about wrinkles round her eyes. After talking to the surgeon, it was agreed that he would carry out work on her upper and lower eyelids to remove excess skin, as well as a forehead lift. Within months, however, the skin on her eyelids drooped again and she developed creases at the corners of her eye which she had not had previously. As well as appearing to have more wrinkles and lines than before the surgery, there was some scarring from the operation near her eyes and at the top of her forehead. Her hairline receded and the hair has still not grown back. To correct the initial surgery, she underwent a second procedure and was given fat injections in her cheeks but these produced an uneven appearance with one cheek more plump than the other and she later required a further corrective procedure. As a result of the negligence caused by the surgeon our client was awarded £18,000 in damages. ​

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What is medical negligence?
Medical Negligence is when a medical practitioner such as a doctor, nurse, midwife, dentist or an institutional health provider breaches his or its duty of care to you and you are injured as a result of that breach.
How can I find out if medical treatment was negligent?
During the investigations of your clinical negligence claim we will be required to obtain disclosure of all relevant medical records - both hospital and GP - in the manner set out in the pre-action protocols. Once all of the relevant medical records have been received they will be considered on a preliminary basis. They will then be sent to an independent expert nurse who will index and paginate the records to ensure that they are in some semblance of order.
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